10 Places to travel right after you graduate

10 Places to travel right after you graduate

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Final semester exams are here and you still have some time left for the first day of your first job. End of the assignments and exams, this shorter time interval that you will need for yourself. The best use of this time is planning a vacation with your college buddies, who may relocate after this time. This would your last together so make it count with a memorable journey. You must know many common destinations to visit such as Rishikesh, but they are getting crowded.

Look out for these 10 destinations to travel with your friends and plan your trip with TDG.

1. Leh-Ladakh

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The most admiring destination of every Indian, one visit to Leh-Ladakh will never be enough, so better start early. Make your first visit right after your graduation. Visit the highlighted points of attraction, make a road trip with your college friends and explore the serenity of the place. 

2. Yercaud

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'The Jewel of South', is filled with lush greenery and lakes. Yercaud, an  enchanting hill station at eastern ghats has many small trails for trekking with friends. This lake forest makes up for a perfect destination to travel for peace and relaxation.

3. Chalakudy

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In India, year exams end with the start of Monsoon. That opens the gateway to some of the beautiful waterfalls in the country. The place is blessed with scenic beauty and refreshing water. It has many waterfalls which you can trek to and the Chalakudy River to spend the leisure time with friends.

4. Kolad

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The hamlets are considered best to travel in peace. A sleepy hamlet, Kolad is fast gaining recognition due to resorts which provide river rafting opportunities on the Kundalika River. The adventure activities, such as, the white water rafting, rugged treks, waterfalls. You can witness the beautiful rainfall of the place in case visiting in Monsoon.

5. Gokarna

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The small temple town on the western coast of India, a perfect alternative of Goa The drive up the winding path that leads to Gokarna is scenic, with the rocky mountains and Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. The beaches, treks and food all are there to enjoy the stay with your friends and relax your time together.

6. Barot

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Situated aside the Uhl river, a paradise destination for backpackers. Camping along the river and beautiful treks, this is all you can ask for a vacation with friends. Barot is much of the offbeat Himalayan destination and often called as the 'Hidden Treasure of Himalayas'.

7. Mcleodganj-Triund

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This is the most popular trek of the Himalayas. Mcleodganj is another backpacking destination with is Tibetan mixed culture. You will find the Tibetan cuisines at this place and the flea markets are absolutely rich and varied.

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Triund offers trekking for beginners. You don't need a guide for this trek, it is great to explore on your own and your friends. The small tea and food serving stalls on the trails of Triund adds up to your experience. You can camp there overnight or you can come downhill before sunset.

8. Gangtok

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The lofty hills of Gangtok are the way to the beauty of the North East of India. At a height of 5000 feet, it has mountain pases, waterfalls, lakes and culturally rich monuments. For the colleges in the north eastern and eastern parts of India, Gangtok is the one ideal destination to spend your last days of college life.

9. Tawang

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Double the altitude that of Gangtok(11500 feet), Tawang is a small village is very difficult to reach. But the visitors are well rewarded with the grand views of the alpine mountains surrounding Tawang. Apart from the grand mountain and lakes that create an extremely beautiful background for the town, Tawang is also famous for the 17th century Tawang Monastery, which is the second largest in Asia and also one of the most beautiful. It could be your only chance to visit Tawang.

10. Diu

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Calm beaches and sunset is what make this 'Isle of calm'. Diu is small town at the edge of Gujarat. It has very old history of Portuguese culture, you would not only enjoy the sand and sun, instead the food and people are too amazing here. Backpacking is the ideal thing to do when you are travelling to Diu. With few days left with your college friends, backpacking with them here to collect the best of the memories.

Share these destinations with your friends and plan your last vacation together.