5 reasons why India is the perfect destination for travel in June!

5 reasons why India is the perfect destination for travel in June!

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If you want to travel in June, there is no better place than India for you!

India is one destination which has something to offer all year round. With the year split into three seasons – summer, monsoon and winter – different regions in the country spring to their best at different times. However, there are few months as perfect as June to travel in India. The month of June in India is special for several reasons and comes with many surprises. 

The middle of the year gives you every flavour of the Indian culture. Undoubtedly, June is considered as the peak time for all the travelling activities. From the North of India to the South, everything looks balanced to make India a perfect travel destination.

Here are five reasons why India is perfect for travel in June:

1. June is when the rains start pouring in providing a welcome respite from the scorching summer heat.

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2. It is the beginning of the off-season for famous attractions like Goa which means you can enjoy it sans the crowds.

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3. The Western Sahyadris which spread across Maharashtra and Karnataka are at their most beautiful (and easy to access before the heavy rains of July)

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4. The weather gets quite romantic in Kerala making it even more irresistible.

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5. The barren beauty of Ladakh opens up for tourists!

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