Best villages around Kasol - The hamlet paradise

Best villages around Kasol - The hamlet paradise

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The Parvati valley has some of most beautiful hamlets on the banks of Parvati River. Kasol is the center to all those small villages blessed with intrinsic natural beauty.
Best villages around Kasol - The hamlet paradise

Kasol is the center of leisure valley. Parvati River habitats many small villages or hamlets on its banks. Kasol being busy with markets and cafes, often lacks the peace and silence you look at a hill station. This gap is filled by the stay these beautiful hamlets that are just on the peripheral of Kasol. 

The villages listed below do no miss out on the flavours of Kasol, moreover, they present their own uniqueness when you visit there.

1. Tosh

At the far end of the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, the village of Tosh is situated at a height of 7874 ft. A village that may lack big shopping complexes but definitely not missing the feeling of warmth is Tosh. The most picturesque village with a peculiar hash-like smell.

There are guest houses near the entrance and the far end of the village. A reason for this is the fact that tourism is a new factor in Tosh. All the accommodation here are budget friendly, so won't put a dent in your pocket.

The people of Tosh in Himachal Pradesh are mostly farmers and practitioners of animal husbandry, most people cultivate apples and hashish in the village. That turns Tosh into a tranquil place, for all who wants to leave their office desks.

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2. Chalal

Located not too far away from the backpacker town of Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is the tiny village of Chalal. It can only be approached by foot from the town of Kasol by crossing a cable suspended bridge that has been built over the free flowing Parvati river. After crossing the bridge take the trail leading to the left and follow the narrow path that takes hikers through the forest of tall pine trees. This light trek will take you to the village.

Nearly all the houses in Chalal are old, traditional wooden houses which are made by keeping in mind the severe winter and heavy monsoon. Over the last few years, Chalal has become the hub for trance and psychedelic parties that happen deep in the forest near the village. These parties go on for days if not a week. The major crowd puller for these parties are world class DJ’s who come all the way to this beautiful valley just to perform for the music festival.

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3. Rasol

A hidden magic at the foothills of Himalayas lies a hamlet, named Rasol. The only way to reach here is to hike, travellers pick their base camp as either Kasol or Chalal. The hike usually takes 3-4 hours to cover those steep climbs.

While on the hike, one thing that everyone will spot is plenty of magic Rasol sign boards on rocks and tree barks pointing in the correct direction of the village. You can spot the village from around 70% of the hike and the first thing you will notice is the village temple sign board. Wandering through the lanes of the village and you will see nearly every second person from the village spinning wool or asking you to buy hashish.

Rasol is perfect for the backpacker who love hiking and the guest house view make this village worth visiting while in Parvati Valley.

4. Kheerganga

A place that offers a refreshing trek and exhilarating scenic views is Kheer ganga. One just can’t get enough of the natural hot water spring experience this place offers. Far away from the claws of technology, this little place has the potential to melt your heart in the first visit itself. The trekking to Kheerganga is and experience that you could cherish for really long time. The tough trails leads to the most beautiful views of Parvati Valley

Kheer ganga remains snow-covered during winters and only get temporary settlement during summers which make is a perfect hide-out.

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5. Malana

Flanked by the mysterious peaks of Chandrakhani and Deo Tibba, this village is located in Malana Nala, a side valley of Parvati Valley. This is considered as one of the most ancient civilizations and till date, it is a little isolated from the rest of the world. It proves to be a perfect trek for anybody who loves to explore in the lap of nature.

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6. Grahan

Misted deep in the Parvati Valley, this beautiful hidden hamlet has the soul of Himachal. You will not find any Mobile network in the village that will add the serenity of the place. Alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the village,violation of rules results in heavy fine and penalties. The native villagers will be delighted to see you and their warm hospitality will enrich your travel experience.

7. Pulga, Kulga and Kalga

A trip to the Parvati valley is incomplete without including Pulga, Kulga and Kalga village in your itinerary. Kasol is increasingly getting commercialized and tourists looking for a more isolated, scenic and rustic destination in this part of the country should definitely move further up from Kasol and make these destinations their port of call.

There are no motorable roads to these villages. All three are accessible only by foot and visitors wishing to make a trip to these villages have no other option other than making an uphill trek of 2-3 kilometres each. You should begin your trip from Pulga, move to Kulga and spend the last night in Kalga. However, if you face paucity of time it can also be done in 2 full days and an overnight stay in one of the villages. 

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