By the Shore

By the Shore

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Generally, visitors are looking for an attainable escape of the hustle and bustle of the busy nearby cities. So, we decided to go on a Karnataka tour. Mangalore is a port city that promises to keep uplifting your spirits every minute you spend in this city. The “Kaup” beach (pronounced as Kapu) in the district of Udupi near Mangalore was an interesting site to visit. This beach is on the shore of the Arabian Sea. It has a lighthouse, which makes the area even more attractive.

How to reach Kaup

By Air: The nearest airport is Mangalore. Thereafter, you have to make a trip by road.

By Rail: The nearest stations are at Udupi and Mangalore. Kaup is a 25-minute journey from the town of Udupi.

By Road: Owing to its apt location on the West Coast National Highway between Udupi and Mangalore, Kaup is best accessible by road. The distance between Kaup and several other places can be calculated as follows: Udupi (12 km), Mangalore (45 km), Bengaluru (410 km), and Manipal (15 km). There are regular buses that ply between the aforementioned cities/towns that connect Kaup.

When you are travelling to South India, There’s more to your vacation than just swimming in the sea or sunbathing on the beach.

It was a one of a kind experience. The cool breeze, the sound of the waves hitting the rocks and the shore and the clear, sunny weather all added to the fun and enthusiasm. There were a lot of different stuff one can do, my personal favorite was making castles out of sand. The beach also sports a shack and a bar with seating in the open sky. The sea is mostly calm all year round.

The Delightful Sights to witness

Kaup beach boasts a 110 year old, fully operational lighthouse built high on basalt rocks. Visitors can go up the lighthouse before sunset for some superb views of the coastline and the sea.

Water Sports 
Kaup beach also offers water sports for those who love a spin on the speed boat or the banana or water bike.

A piece of Utopia
Take the beach road and drive north. Simply follow the road till you can go no further (about 12 kms). With the beach to your left and the backwaters to your right, the early morning sun filtering through coconut tree fronds, little homes and colourful temples along the road, fisher women carrying their fresh catch, the air redolent with the smell of wood fires, you will catch a piece of Utopia.

Kaup Painteh
This is the local town centre. Fresh fruits, vegetables, provisions, local snacks, ATMs, go there to stroll around and get a feel of the village. If you are there on a Friday visit the farmers’ market to see or buy amazingly fresh produce.

Krishna Temple, Udupi
One of the seven most important Krishna temples, thousands of devotees throng the temple all year round. The only temple where the Lord has his back to the devotees. Legend has it, a poor man, Lord Krishna’s most ardent devotee was not allowed into the temple. Undeterred, the man found a small opening at the back of the temple from where he would pray to the Lord. Moved by his devotion, Lord Krishna turned to face him and turned his back for ever. To this day the Lord is worshiped only through a window.

South Karnataka and particularly the Udupi region (where Kaup is), is known for its many temples. There are fabulous legends behind every temple and every temple has different and unique wish granting ability that devotees chose it for. Name your problem and there is a temple renowned for addressing it. Here is a list of some of the most famous in the region.

— Marigudi temple at Kaup 1km
 — Bappanadu Devesthana on Shambhavi River, Mulki, 19km
 — Kateel Devasthana on Banks of Nandini river, 32km
 — Kudroli gokarnanathu Temple 42kms
 — Dharmasthala 98kms
 — Subrahmanya 145km

With its stretches of white sands, perfect location and idle atmosphere, Kaup is a place that you’ll never want to leave, thanks to its pristine beauty.