Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai- Mumbaicha Raja

Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai- Mumbaicha Raja

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The city of dreams turn joyous for these 11 days when Ganpati comes to the home of Mumbaikars and with His blessings Mumbai feel blessed always

Celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha, Ganpati Festival is observed on a grand scale in the city of Mumbai. The city comes alive with colour and street processions, making it one of the most interesting ones to see. So if you are planning to visit Mumbai sometime soon, then try to make it during this festival which will take place from September 4th to September 15th this year.

Why Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated?

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This is one of the most popular festivals in the Country. There are several reasons for this. Ganpati is after all a popular God. His blessings are invoked at most religious ceremonies as He is the one who can remove all obstacles to success. He is the giver of fortune and can help to avoid natural calamities.

Ganpati, the god of wisdom and the benevolent deity of the dynasty of Peshwas who ruled Maharashtra inculcating a special culture in the state. Ganpati is the herald of auspicious beginnings and is the beloved deity of all.

Where to See Ganesh Chaturthi?

The largest and most famous Ganesha statue can be found at Lalbaug in central Mumbai.  Millions flock to pay their respects to the Lalbaugcha Raja. If you would prefer to avoid the crowds it is best to visit on a weekday, but be prepared to still wait several hours to view this incredible site. This idol can be viewed until the grand procession to the beach slowly winds it way down the streets of Mumbai from Lalbaug, through Byculla and to Girgaum.

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Just around the corner is the Mumbaicha Raja that has different themes each year, making it an interesting one to visit. The themes cover a wide range of topics from Indian history to different aspects of famous pilgrimage sites, and form the basis for the statue’s lavish decoration. Thankfully there are generally smaller crowds than for Mumbaicha Raja, which makes it a good option to visit if you have limited time.

One of the most famous Ganpati idols would have to be the KhetwadiGanraj, which is close to Chowpatty beach in Girgaum. Famous for having the highest Ganesha idol in 2000, it towered above the crowd at 40 feet high, the KhetwadiGanraj has been known to glisten with gold and diamonds. But if it is gold that you want, then you have to visit the GSBSeva Ganesh Mandel in Matunga; this pandal is adorned in brilliant gold.

By far the most popular place to watch the Ganesh Visarjan is Chowpatty Beach in South Mumbai. You can either follow the processions or find yourself a position on Marine Drive and settle in for this spectacular site. There is nothing like watching thousands of people make their way along the road, with hundreds of brilliantly coloured Ganeshas floating above them.

Further north, the most famous beach of Mumbai, Juhu Beach is also a great vantage point, as is Versova beach in Andheri. For something different, why not see a lake immersion by visiting the northern suburb of Powai. Surrounded by greenery, Powai Lake receives many smaller but nonetheless beautiful statues.  Even if you can’t see an immersion, you can still participate in the festivities by witnessing some ceremonies, like those undertaken at Shivaji Park near the auspicious Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Prabhadevi.

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