Destinations with the best Ziplines of India

Destinations with the best Ziplines of India

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Zip through the metal ropes and experience the scenic beauty of nature

Have you ever thought about a light and yet thrilling adventure. The quick adrenalin rush that will make you feel more exciting that just completing a task on your desk.

Choose Zip-lining as your next adventure pick. It requires less of training and more courage to make yourself hanging on a thin wire. The bird's eyes view your surrounding makes you feel like a real bird flying down that rope.The biggest reward you will get from these zips is seeing yourself overcoming fears, enjoying beautiful places, and in the process, making new friends.

We have listed the top destinations that offers zip-lining in India. Find out your nearest place and make the booking in advance.

1. Neemrana

The nearest Zipline destination from New Delhi. You can even make an one day trip, you can reach Neemrana at morning and join the session that suits you. Neemrana yet have have couple beautiful monuments such as 'The Baoli', Stepwell and 'Neemrana Fort' - that is turned into a luxury hotel. You can opt to stay at the palace incase you want to spend the night here.

Zip Length - 1250m

Zip Count - 5

Elevation - 40m

Distance from New Delhi - 120 kms

2. Rishikesh

The destination that make all adventure sport possible, offer Zipline over the huge Ganges. This is the only zip that lines across a river and that too Ganga. Flying on a wire with the Ganga river flowing beneath you, it is as amazing and thrilling as it sounds. You must include this in your adventure package.

pc: Brijesh Giri  

Zip Length - 750m

Zip Count - 2

Elevation - 70m

Distance from New Delhi - 240 kms

3. Jodhpur

Right down the walls of huge Mehrangarh Fort, starts this exciting journey. Fly high over the outer battlements of Rajasthan's most majestic fortress, glide serenely over two desert lakes, trek through the Rao Jodha eco-park and enjoy the best view of Mehrangarh and the Blue City of Jodhpur. This adrenalin rush filled adventure which fly around the fort, providing a bird’s eye view of the Chokelao garden and Rani Ser Lake.

Zip Length - 1150m

Zip Count - 6

Elevation - 35m

Distance from New Delhi - 595 kms

4. Kikar

More than 1500 metres of zip wires make Flying Fox Kikar the longest zip-line tour in South Asia, along with the distinction of being the first forest-based zip-line adventure in India. An early morning zip-tour would increase your chances of spotting some wildlife, such as a Cheetal or a Sambar, and you can then head back to the Kikar Lodge for a delicious meal, and to try some more from the Lodge’s range of adventures.

Zip Length - 1450m

Zip Count - 5

Elevation - 50m

Distance from New Delhi - 335 kms

5. Dawki, Meghalaya

One of the most popular adventure site of the north-east is situated in Dawki (which borders Bangladesh) and provides adventure activities like trekking, cliff jumping, zip lining, caving, rock climbing and camping. Intent is to have people stay on site for a couple of days and take part in the various adventure activities on offer. 

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It is recommended to have advance bookings, as being the popular sport it does have limited capacity.

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