My Himalayan packing list

My Himalayan packing list

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Backpacking is fun only when you have the right gear. Know the essentials to pack while backpacking and trekking in Himalayas.

Backpacking is the thing every traveller love about. Living in New Delhi, makes the Himalayas reachable to me. What else could be a better place to travel in summer more than the Giant Himalayas.

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Its good to pack light while you are at hills. I do keep a check on my packing list, carry the stuff that I must require on the trip. Here are list of things that are part of my backpack-

  1. T-shirts — Weekend trip(2); 5 or 7 days trip(4)
  2. Jeans — 2 (one to wear and one reserve)
  3. Footwear — 1 pair of each shoes and floaters
  4. Two pair of socks
  5. 1 pair of Night wear
  6. Mobile — 100% charged + Balance of 1 month(Prepaid)
  7. At least one photo id — Extremely important
  8. Tissues
  9. Pen & notepad — write about experience or track the expense
  10. Laptop and charger — For photo sharing and may charge your phone in emergency.
  11. Mobile charger and power banks
  12. Water bottle
  13. Medications or First Aid
  14. Camera and its accessories
  15. Travel towel
  16. Toiletries
  17. Extra plastic bags — They are too useful
  18. Books
  19. Light woollen and a jacket — Depending upon the weather conditions
  20. Woollen cap
  21. Umbrella

I compiled this list from my previous trips to Himalayas that includes Kasol, Mcleodganj, Manali, Rohtang, Chitkul and Spiti Valley. 

These are the essentials that will help you make your travel safer and easy. You must have the right gear to enjoy the enchanting Himalayas.

Bon Voyage!