The Road to Spiti- The Middle land, via Sangla, Chitkul, Kaza

The Road to Spiti- The Middle land, via Sangla, Chitkul, Kaza

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This journey is the collection of remote & offbeat places, breathtaking landscapes, treacherous roads, barren lands and making memories with friends.


June 2015, we, a group of 6 have decided to travel to Spiti valley and Chandratal trek. We started our journey on 20th June, Saturday for a week trip from New Delhi. Picking up every one in the Innova with our Driver Manu Bhaiya.

We were headed to a new place, really unknown and unheard. We just had an itinerary, no bookings & no plan, obviously that was gonna end up with some trouble.

20th June, Day 1 - New Delhi - Shimla - Narkanda - Sarahan (550 kms)

We set off at around 10'o clock in the morning and made the first night halt at Shimla, it was a hell of the peak season all the hotels were full. There was not even a single room in any of the hotel. We decided to move to Narkanda in search of a place to stay, hard luck again. No rooms there as well. We were out of options and had to sleep in the car only and booked the hotel at Sarahan, on call.

We left the city of Narkanda right before dawn, ascertain if the Manu bhaiya could drive another stretch without proper rest. Driving through the banks of the Sutlej river, we headed to our first stay at River view hotel in Sarhan. We rested there and had breakfast. Sarhan is among those silent places where you will not find much of the crowd, meeting local kids, the Temple of Devi and first morning with beautiful landscapes.





21st June, Day 2 - Sarahan - Sangla (98 kms)

Later we took the road to Sangla village, it was at another river Baspa. The tough roads have started, scary and blind turns. There was everything that could make this route adventurous. 



Sangla is an offbeat place, you will find many travellers there, the crowd here was mostly natives or the tough Bike riders. We made our second night halt at Sangla, obviously we made a prior booking this time at Hotel Rock View, Mr. Arjun Negi was our host. We had a perfect chill evening and with bonfire and music under the stars we made little more perfect.




22nd June, Day 3 - Sangla- Chitkul - Reckong Peo - Kalpa (110 kms)

22nd June — Morning at Sangla was beautiful, today we were supposed to go Chitkul, the last village of India. We went for a morning walk at dawn, it was fresh and breathtaking. There were apple orchards near the Baspa river and mountain view was a delight too. Chitkul is around 35km from Sangla, we drove there, spotting the beautiful landscapes of Baspa Valley. It was so windy at Chikul, we all were shivering in the month of June. We spend a couple of hours here and had our lunch. We took really cool pictures at Chitkul just to mark that we were in India’s last village.


We already made a booking for the hotel at our next halt Kalpa. We reached there in the evening itself, that gave us chance to have an evening walk, but again, it was chilly here, moreover, the silence was scary too, so we gotta come back before night. We enjoyed the windy weather on the roof of the hotel and later had dinner.



23rd June, Day 4 - Kalpa - Pooh - Tabo - Kaza (210 kms)

23rd June — Next day, it was a bright sunny morning. Ideal lights for photography with Kinnaur Kailash in the background. We came to know about Kinnaur Kailash trek, it is very exciting and adventurous, but unlucky again, it takes around 6 days to complete that trek. So, we gotta rush to our next destination Kaza.


The roads to be just spectacular, you would fall in love them. We were actually seeing the road to Spiti, those curves on the narrow roads was nothing less scary than the edge of a hill. Passed the bridge that puts us on the most treacherous road in the world. Soon, we lost mobile signals on our way, totally disconnected from the world for the next few days. 






Kaza is among the top altitude towns, there were world’s highest retail shop(gas station) and world’s highest post office. The Key Monastery at Kibber is a just few hours drive from Kaza. You would know why, Spiti is called as the barren land, there was no vegetation, just the breathtaking views of mountains and clouds.


24th June, Day 5 - Kaza - Kibber - Losar - Kunzum Pass - Batal (150 kms)

24th June — We have to miss the Chandratal trek, as we ran short of time. While heading to Batal, we met some really interesting locals at Losar, they promised to meet us back in New Delhi. We reached to some of highest altitude in our journey, Kunzum pass, nearly 15000 feet. That was super chilly and most us were having slight altitude sickness, though we learned that garlic water could be helpful(learned this at Kaza). Batal has this one Govt. aided Guest house, we stayed there for the night and this was coldest night of all.

25th June, Day 6 - Batal - Chattru - Rohtang Pass - Manali (130 kms)

25th June — It almost snowing or it was hail storm, but surely not a pleasant weather at Batal, we left from there early in the morning on the road to Rohtang pass. Wait, there was no road, only stones and mud. Many times we placed rocks on the flowing water just to settle the tyres of our car. Our car stuck there a lot, but yeah, we managed well to pass that route and reach to snow covered Rohtang pass at 7'o clock. 

We had those snow dress and climb up on the snow. The mountains covered with white cover of snow, it was the best snow view I had ever seen. 


We started to drive down the mountains and reached to beautiful place, Manali in the afternoon, the last night halt. After spending so much time at remote and offbeat locations, Manali seems to be really crowded for us. We had best of the time here, clicking selfies, enjoying some Punjabi dinner, exploring shops and market.

26th June, Day 7 - Manali - New Delhi (560 kms)

That is how we ended our trip and head back to New Delhi at dawn.


All thanks to friends — Ashwin, Gaurav, Himanshu, Arjun and Anuj.