Things to buy when you visit Kasol, Parvati Valley

Things to buy when you visit Kasol, Parvati Valley

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Kasol is the land of wanderlust, make your travel memorable and buy these sweet and traditional souvenirs from Kasol

The leisure valley is the most aspired and is the favourite destination of North Indians, particularly Delhites. The place is very calm and chill that takes away the rush out of your life. Kasol have cafes to relax and enjoy the delicious food and hot drinks here. 

Visiting Kasol is not enough till you really make it memorable with some of these beautiful souvenirs. They are quite cheaper, as most is being made by the locals. It is a take away flavour of Kasol.

Rasta Smoky Bob Marley T-shirts

Do no miss the chance to make your friends jealous with these cool printed t-shirts. You could easily find these t-shirts at many shops in the Kasol main market. They come in bright colours and Rasta Smoke prints. 

Price/Expense - INR 250-300

Himachali Cap(Pahari Topi)

Himachali cap(Pahari Topi) is the unique category in Caps. These caps are made with fine Hand work and a great quality woollen stuff. Himachali Traditional Cap also called as "Pahari Topi". These caps have their own quality and grace. 

You would happy to carry the grace of Himachal with you, and look like a traditional Himachali.

Price/Expense - INR 150

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The Beautiful Dream Catcher

They catch your dreams, they say. A beautifully designed and most sold handicraft of Kasol. It is said that they will make your dreams and wishes come true, in case you keep them in your bedroom. 

They are the beautiful take away, comes with many designs and colours. Choose with your favourite colour and bring the dream catcher in your bedroom.

Price/Expense - INR 100-200

The crafted Himachali handicrafts

Kasol is surrounded by many small villages and they are really skilled when comes to handicrafts. They do sell all their products in Kasol Flea market. You would love those bands, jewelery, scarfs and carry bags. 

You could be confused after seeing the variety in your eyes, just buy what you love and keep a memory with you.

Price/Expense - INR 100-400 per item