Unmogt River

Unmogt River

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Jewel of Meghalaya

Umngot River in Dawki - A jewel in Meghalaya

At the first sight, of this clear serene and Picture Perfect setting of the river, one is bound to remain in the state of Wonder and his inquisitiveness has no boundaries.

Well that to happen to me and here I am narrating my recent adventure to dawki, situated in the northeastern state of Meghalaya.

Reaching dawki-

By road-

situated on the South Eastern border of Meghalaya 82 kilometers south of Shillong; dawki is accessible through a private vehicle adventurous side you can make your way through a motorbike.

The motorbike is available on rent from Guwahati, and the journey to the city of dawki meanders through various points of interest. ( apart from the boat ride in the crystalline river of unmogt).

By train-

Book a train ticket till Guwahati from where dawki is approximately170 km and takes about 5 hours from the railway station.

Take the route via Shillong as this is a comparatively shorter route and you don't want to miss out on any time since the cleanest river of India beckons you.

By flight-

Keep your seatbelts fastened as we fly to the Guwahati's lokpriya Gopinath bordolai international airport. From here many private vehicles ply till the city of dawki.

Distance is much on the greater side

Equal into 195 km and consuming 5 and a half hours of your time.

* though the travel time may seem to be an area of concern, things to witness and experience really makes traveling to this place worthwhile.

About unmogt river

In a time where the world is now currently in, the possibility of finding a clean fresh source of the river is largely the most exciting and admiring sight.

Regarded as India's cleanest river, it flows through a small town of Dawki situated in the East Jaintia Hills district near the Indo Bangladesh border.

This river marks the separation between the Khasi and Jaintia hills

And its Legacy and majesty are one to be cherished.

The cost of a Boat Ride is rupees 700 for 5 people if you wish to rent the whole boat traveling with a family.

The white portion of Islands separate the region of India and Bangladesh, do at some point in time especially during the monsoons this white stretch remains submerged under the water.

Another fantastic event that is sure to meet your eye is the boat race that takes place in the month of March and April only if you are visiting in those months.

The whole trip of the river text about today's time so you can pitch your tents at Shillong and opt for a day's trip to this emerald river.

Monsoons here have a negative impact since boating is shut down due to the overflowing river.

Correctly Named as the Jewel.

Gentle waves, splashing at Bayside,

Patterns of shady clouds envelope.

The Azure cool river,

Where reflections of heart happen.

Dream, discover, read, write, travel.

For it, all ends into gravel.

Relations, all but shall end.

Except one, which reflects heart's content.

The relation which we share with mother nature is simply unique and intoxicating and when you get a chance to be in the laps of nature it's something that you don't really want to miss out on.

The boat ride, in an austere peaceful environment, had left many memories in my heart.

I had done many boat rides but this one was different as they say you need to be there to experience it.

With the hills towering high on one side and the gravels lying underneath the river what's A Remarkable contrast.

The boat ride Lasted for about an hour.

in about half an hour we reached into the middle of the river where the depth is approximately 20 feet and you are able to see right through the bottom of the river with its underlying Beauty.

I was lucky enough that on that Very day it wasn't raining due to which the river revealed itself and its Pristine Glory.

the boats actually seemed to float on a crystal clear glass and you won't be able to make out if there's a river flowing underneath.

The silent flowing river in between the hills,

Reflections of the sun, with the passing wind.

As we progressed gliding on the river, we could make out some underlying gemstones which were of distinct color vibrations and it was just so luring as if in a fairyland.

The sweet atmosphere engulfed us and the chirping of the birds it even more tranquil that it made the journey a blissful experience.

We came across an island that was full of big round pebbles of multiple hues which are vested calmly as if they have been there for a thousand years.

In the backdrop of this setup was a waterfall which was hidden amidst the trees and forests.

Only a  small portion of it was visible and it made the scenery look even more enchanting.

After this, we completed the tour of the rest of the river which brought us to the Dawki suspension bridge has been built by the British in the 19th century.

the crossover From this Bridge visit to the neighboring country of Bangladesh.

A BSF camp on the Shore marks the end of the Dawki river post which the control of Bangladesh starts and from where we take a reverse gear back to where we started.

In the end the overwhelming ride, I was elated & contented that life presented me a wonderful opportunity to traverse this region of our country which still remains hidden from most of the people.

On a concluding note, some personal tips for the reader from the author's side-

1) Combining a trip to The unmogt river with the Living Roots bridge in Mawlynnlong.
 There are various avenues for accommodation at reasonable rates so you don't want to miss out on such opportunities.

2) Life jackets are available while making the boat trip, the boatmen arrange it for you specifically on demand.

Make sure you share your experience with the world.

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