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Dargah Sharif, Ajmer

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Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Dargah of Sufi saint at Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. It is old saying that people who visit Ajmer Sharif and pray with pure faith and loyalty at his Dargah will free their soul. Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti is also known by different names as, Khawaja Gharib Nawaz, “Sultan-Ul-Hind”, Khwaja Baba, Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Ajmeri, Khwaja Sahib, Khwaja Sahab, Khwaja Ajmeri Saint Moinuddin Chishty. The Dargah Khawaja Gharib Nawaz ( R.A) has several tombs, buildings, Daalaans and courtyards are of Mughal architecture.

The main attraction of the Urs are the kalanders from Mehrauli, called the friends of Gharib Nawaz, walk to Ajmer all the way from Delhi every year. They offer colourful chadders with gold and silver threads.

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Rajasthan, India
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Ticket / Cost / Expenses
Time people usually spend here:
2 hours
Latitude / Longitude:
26.4568405°N, 74.6274303°E
Distance from Ajmer city center to Dargah Sharif, Ajmer
-- km
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Overall Rating:4.2

  '5' out of 5
"One of the most famous devotional place for Muslims in India. Very busy place. But the spiritual power of this place makes you fell relaxed and comfortable. People of any religion can enter in this Ajmer Sharif."
  '5' out of 5
"I pay homage to this Holy Place on 1980. Millions of devotees come at this Sacred place from whole world. Darshan on 1980. "
  '5' out of 5
"Religious place where lies a famous Shia Muslim saint... There is also an ashurkhana Shia prayer Hall on top of the hill beside the darga mausoleum.. Good dargah, but being managed by few sunni caretakers who are money hungry and bend down and kiss the hands of rich people to beg money and push away the poor people asking them to move soon to make way for the rich... One can witness this themselves if they go there. I have bad experience."
  '5' out of 5
"I am very like is Dargah Khaja Garib Nawaz"
  '5' out of 5
"My very very like dargha ajmer serif "

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