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Bhimashankar Trek-An Adventure Worth Trying

#Trekking in Bhimashankar

Located at an average height of 2100 feet to 3800 feet, Bhimashankar with its mountainous terrain and steep hills makes it a major location for trekking. The wilderness of this area invites people from across the country who wish to break free from the boredom of everyday life. The trekking sites are located in the village of Bhavagiri in the Sahyadri ranges. One of the best and most rejuvenating treks of this region you can easily access this area via train or by cars and busses.

You can choose to trek to Bhimashankar via either Sidhi Ghat or Ganesh Ghat route. Both routes are equally challenging and filled with scenic beauty a enroute the Ganesh temple you can witness an exotic plethora of flora an fauna. Sidhi Ghat being more dangerous and difficult than Ganesh Ghat is a perfect opportunity to let the adrenaline rush through your veins as you embark on this fun filled journey. Trekking is particularly advisable during the monsoon season as you cannot miss out on the cool climate and picturesque view.

Special in Bhimashankar Trek: Trekking is particularly advisable during the monsoon season.

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Maharashtra, India
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36 hours

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