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Why travel Coimbatore?

It is often referred to as the "Manchester of South India" due to its cotton production and textile industries. Coimbatore is also referred to as "Pump City" and it supplies two thirds of India's requirements of motors and pumps. Home to a plethora of temples, shrines and education centers, apart for being famous for its silk sarees, Coimbatore is also known as Kovai. Don’t miss the famous local markets to stock your bags with authentic silk sarees and other interesting local handicrafts which will surely be a value addition to your collection. Rev up your bargaining skills before you head out to local bazaars to get the best of deals.

"Manchester Of South India"

A City in Tamil Nadu, India

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Ideal time to stay:  1 - 3 days

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How is the weather at Coimbatore


Height(Altitude) of Coimbatore from sea level:  1419 feet
Latitude/Longitude:  11.0167479°N, 76.9556460°E
Ecosystem:  Plain  

Food, Culture and Language at Coimbatore

Food Type Available:  Indian, South Indian 
Regional Language:  Tamil
Currency:  ₹ - Rupee (INR)
Tags:  #Monuments  

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