Tiger Hill Cemetery, Coonoor
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Tiger Hill Cemetery, Coonoor

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A 19th century graveyard used by the British as a burial site is the tiger hill cemetery, now a tourist attraction. This is now a cozy resort of English style cottages where you can relax back in the lap of nature. The cemetery is in a secluded area with many graves of the British era, adding spookiness to the beauty of the hill station.

It is the apt destination for historians and peace seekers. The entrance of the cemetery is adorned with an arched getaway full of natural green decor. The place is very well known for its huge fir trees spreading their branches to welcome you. A walk around the cemetery will take you back to the British era Roth the older graves embellished with beautiful sculptures of crosses and angels. A visit after the sun sets is sure to give anyone the creeps in this eerie atmosphere of the cemetery.

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Tamil Nadu, India
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1 hours
Altitude / Height:
5861 feet
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11.3414032°N, 76.8071043°E
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