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All the places to visit and things to do in Daman

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Why to travel Daman

Daman is a very cool place for tourists and is very beautiful. Daman is a beautiful little city with its neighbor as Arabian Sea and it lie at the mouth of the Daman Ganga River. Daman has cool beaches, greenery and scenic natural beauty. Daman is a popular destination among youths and even as a getaway place for those in neighboring state. Daman is a place which has a rich culture and history where the present is tinted in colors of enjoyment, simplicity, and festivity. Beaches of the area let it stand out as a center of natural beauty together with loads of fun like Jampore beach. The addition on to the tourist experience here is the shopping scene which ranges from leather products, exquisite brands of liquor to handcrafted items which has become one of major attractions.

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