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Why travel Gir?

Besides Africa, Gir National Park in Gujarat is the only place in the world where you can spot lions roaming free in the wild. ir is the only natural habitat of world popular Asiatic Lions. Gir Interpretation Zone, Devaliya: Devaliya Safari Park is the enclosed area of the Sanctuary that offers a good opportunity for visitors to experience a rustic beauty and wilderness of the area.
The safari tour is conducted in a mini bus that takes visitors to another cross section of the Gir.

"Home of Asiatic Lion"

A National Forest in Gujarat, India

Interest Measure for Gir

Ideal time to stay:  1 - 3 days

Best Interests at Gir

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How is the weather at Gir


Height(Altitude) of Gir from sea level:  524 feet
Latitude/Longitude:  21.1692819°N, 70.5968867°E
Ecosystem:  Plain  

Food, Culture and Language at Gir

Food Type Available:  Indian, Gujarati Cuisine 
Regional Language:  Gujarati
Currency:  ₹ - Rupee (INR)

Know the best time to visit Gir

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