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All the places to visit and things to do in Goa

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adventure (4), 
nature (4), 
leisure (3), 
culture (1), 
spiritual (2), 
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Why to travel Goa

The Western coast of India is a home to beautiful travel destinations and Goa is one of them. It has been a place where the tales of Catholic churches and Hindu Temple linger till date as they stand a witness to it. Goa a place with a tinge of Portuguese trails has scenic beaches that beautify this place. Goa is a perfect blend of scenic beauty, ancient constructions, adventures and beach parties. Along with adventure sports, this place also serves mouthwatering Goan delicacies and evening cocktails which have always been a treat for the tourists. Dig your feet into the warm sand, get tanned on the comfy sunbeds, meditate, adore archaic beauties, splurge at the flea market and party hard. That’s Goa for you!

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