One Pillar Pagoda
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One Pillar Pagoda

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One pillar pagoda, also known as perfume pagoda was built by Emperor Ly Thai Tong, the heirless emperor who dreamed that he met Quan The Am Bo Tat, the Goddess of Mercy, who handed him a male child, then he married a young peasant girl and had a son and heir by her. Do visit perfume pagoda to offer your prayers.

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Time people usually spend here:
3 hours
Latitude / Longitude:
21.0358518°N, 105.8336032°E
Distance from Hanoi city center to One Pillar Pagoda
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Overall Rating:4.4

  '5' out of 5
"ngôi chùa đặc biệ"
  '4' out of 5
"This is a small Buddhist temple with its uniquely iconic meaning rather than a big pagoda for walking around. The originals imagined it looks like a lotus flower rising from the lake; seem like a brilliant idea with a not-so-well execution."
  '5' out of 5
"Văn hoá Việt"
  '4' out of 5
"Độc đáo"
  '3' out of 5
"Another cool pagoda, such a peaceful & calm place :)"

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