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Coracle Ride, Hogenakkal-A Sally Through The Creeks

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The coracle ride takes you through the labyrinth of the falls on the shimmering water. It tops the to-do list of all nature enthusiasts. Popularly known as the parisal, coracles are rounded light weight boats. They carry you along the winding creeks to witness the cascading beauty.

The majestic view of the falls is certain to leave you mesmerised. It is ideal to enjoy soon after the monsoon, when the water is in full force. The ride through the serpentine creeks with huge boulders will leave you speechless. It takes you to the foot of the mystic waterfalls where the spray from the falls will shower you in drizzles. The water flowing around the coracle, turning and tossing it is an intimidating experience for all fun lovers and adventure seekers. Be sure to spoil yourself in the wonder of the falls on a trip to Hogenakkal.

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Tamil Nadu, India
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1 hours

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