"A Landscape of Dawn Lit Mountains"

A City in Arunachal Pradesh, India

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Ideal time to stay:  1 - 3 days

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Height(Altitude) of Itanagar from sea level:  2539 feet
Latitude/Longitude:  27.0843680°N, 93.6053160°E
Ecosystem:  Mountain , Valley  

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Food Availability:  Indian, Chinese, Tibetan 
Regional Language:  English
Currency:  ₹ - Rupee (INR)

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Why travel Itanagar?

Itanagar (Capital of Arunachal Pradesh) has a rich mixture of archeological sites of great historical value and built up resources and institutions of great socio-cultural significance.
The name literally means "City of bricks". It is situated on banks of ganga lake and is surrounded by snow covered mountains. Itanagar offers remarkable number of activities to do and places to visit among them most popular are Geykar Sinyik( Ganga Lake), Itafort and Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary. Climate is warm, yet pleasant most of the year. Post monsoon and winter months are much cooler and happening.
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Glimpse of Itanagar

6 Places to visit and Things to do in Itanagar

Ganga Lake, Itanagar at Itanagar

Ganga Lake, Itanagar

It is one of the most popular places in Itanagar. People from all around visit this place as a recreation spot and for the picture perfect view of this lake. Because the lake is still with no connection with moving water bodies, its color is green. Many mythological rumors about the Ganga Lake and its color are heard still.
Expenses - NA
Time needed - 1.5 hours
Ita Fort at Itanagar

Ita Fort

#Cultural Heritage
Ita Fort is one of the main tourist attraction and one of the most important historical sites of Arunachal Pradesh.It is centrally located in the middle of Papum Pare district in Itanagar. The impressive but highly uneven structure of the fort is said to be built with over 8 million bricks, 45 cubic meters of stone and is known to have been made by 4600 man-days. The area is not very construction friendly, which gives Ita Fort an even greater distinctiveness. The fort has three entrances with gates located on the eastern, western and southern fronts.
Expenses - NA
Time needed - 2 hours
Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary at Itanagar

Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary

#Wildlife Sanctuary
The Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary is very rich in Wildlife both in variety and number. Animals like Elephants, Tigers, Panthers, Sambar, Barking Deer and Bears are quite common. The State bird of Arunachal Pradesh, the magnificent Hornbill used to be found in the Sanctuary, but their population came down drastically due to loss of habitat. However, the Wildlife is still available in a fair number especially in the northern and eastern side of the Itanagar Sanctuary. The INWS is open throughout the year. But the best time to visit the zoo is during October to April. Visitors can have spectacular view of different species of endangered wild animals and birds in the sanctuary.
Expenses - NA
Time needed - 4 hours
State Museum, Itanagar at Itanagar

State Museum, Itanagar

Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum has a rich collection of textiles, weaponry, household articles and handicrafts. The museum reflects the tribal culture and heritage of Arunachal Pradesh. There is a special section, which displays the archaeological finding at the state. The museum also houses an informative library, which is open for the public.
Expenses - ₹10
Time needed - 3 hours
Gompa, Itanagar at Itanagar

Gompa, Itanagar

The Itanagar Buddhist temple, located on top of the hill in Arunachal Pradesh, is one of the latest Buddhist temples in India. A yellow-roofed shrine, the temple reflects an extensive Tibetan influence. There is a stupa in front of the temple which carries the portrait of a Buddhist monk. Frequently visited by the tourists, the temple has a tree on its one of the sides which was planted by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Expenses - NA
Time needed - 1.5 hours
Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar at Itanagar

Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar

#Picnic spot
A neat lush green park with exotic flowers and a lovely picnic spot. Great Place for a brisk morning walk and evening walk. Lot of open area, fresh air. Location is very well situated. Greenery will make mind fresh.
Expenses - NA
Time needed - 2 hours

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