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Ranbir Canal, Jammu-A Perfect Picnic Site in Jammu

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Ranbir canal is a great exotic place to explore in Jammu. It is a tranquil picnic site located just 2 km from the Jammu city. The canal becomes more appealing because of the beautiful gardens situated on the banks of the canal. There is a power house situated on the bank of the canal. Thus making this place important for students also. The colorful gardens provide excellent walkways and viewpoints of the surrounding areas.

Ranbir canal is the perfect picnic destination for local as well as the tourists. People from all walks of life are seen here. It is perfect place for young romantic couples and newly married couples. They are seen enjoying their relationships. Children are seen playing around and elder people are seen enjoying the walk through the gateways in the canal. It is perfect place to capture some great pictures. The best part about the canal is that the water in the canal remains ice cold even in the scorching summers.

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Jammu & Kashmir, India
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