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Naneghat Trek

#Trekking in Junnar

Naneghat is a famous mountain pass in the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges near Junnar.
It is a relatively easy trek, making it ideal for beginners or the first timers. It’s a simple uphill route on neatly man made rock cut stairs. What makes it out of the ordinary is that during monsoon one gets to traverse it with a gushing waterfall engulfing the legs as one climbs up.
The highlight of this trek will be the ancient cave, said to be commissioned by a woman ruler Naganika, probably to serve as a resting place for the traders who used this route.
The route was once an ancient trade route which was in extensive use to transport goods arriving at the Junnar which was then a flourishing marketplace. The locals are still found using this pass to reach Konkan.
Best time to go for trekking is June to December.

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Maharashtra, India
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