Bekare Waterfall Rappelling in Bhivpuri
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Bekare Waterfall Rappelling in Bhivpuri-Adventure Over Waterfall

Bhivpuri, located at a distance of 65 km from Mumbai draws in a lot of visitors who are enthralled by the spectacular sight of its waterfalls. The Bekare waterfall in Karjat is a popular picnic spot, however, for people seeking thrill and adventure it serves as an adventure sport location during the monsoon season.

Gear up and embark on this adventurous quest of waterfall rappelling here at Bhivpuri. Waterfall rappelling is much more challenging as you have to confront the cascading waters as well as the slippery rocks where you can easily lose your footing. But, despite these challenges, the slips, skids and falls is what makes this experience all the more fun and exciting. However, make sure not to venture too deep and follow the instructions of the guide lest the adventure turn into a disaster. While rappelling down, ensure a firm hold on the ropes and step on the shallow waters to prevent accidents.

Special in Bekare Waterfall Rappelling in Bhivpuri: Here zipling is also perfomed, do try that also

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Maharashtra, India
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