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Rajmachi Trek-Trek beginners favorite

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Rajmachi is one of the favorite destinations for every trek beginners and one of the most popular trek destinations in Sahyadri Mountains. Fort stands at a height of 2750 feet overlooking the Bhorghat Pass. This fort built by Shivaji in 17th century. By Exploring the twin forts “Manaranjan” & “Shrivardhan” one can spend lots time over the fort. There are 2 routes to reach Rajmachi, first from Lonavala and other being Karjat route.

Rajmachi is the popular tourist attraction of Khandala. The fort of Rajmachi is famous among trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. You can start trekking from the Kondhane caves side which will take 3-4 hours of climbing if you want to experience a full-fledged trek, but otherwise you can drive right upto Udhewadi village from the Lonavala side and then trek for hardly 20-30 minutes to the top of the fort. Rajmachi is very popular beginner's trek as it has simple and clearly marked trail on both sides the paths.

How is the weather at Rajmachi Trek

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Maharashtra, India
Best time to visit Khandala: 
Ticket / Cost / Expenses
Time people usually spend here:
4 hours
Latitude / Longitude:
18.8298861°N, 73.3902500°E
Distance from Khandala to Rajmachi Trek
-- km
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Overall Rating:4.4

  '4' out of 5
"An awesome experience as a first timer. The month of dec-feb is an awesome time to trek especially for beginners and yes sufficient water along with fully charged phone should be carried."
  '5' out of 5
"i like this trek bec this trek is one of the best trek ( and waterfall is beautiful )this trek is rain seasion"
  '4' out of 5
"I made to this place with a group of 11 trekkers for a weekend camping. It was an amazing experience with beautiful landscapes and skyscapes. We started our trek from tungarli dam and took more than 3 hours to reach rajmachi village where delicious lunch has been served at a sirish hotel which was pre ordered. Later we explored shrivardhan fort which is higher than the adjacent manaranjan fort. We carried our own tents and identified the spot from the top of the fort where to pitch the tents. Hence we descended to the rajmachi village to pitch our tents near a lake before it gets dark. Found the perfect place and set up our tents, had a campfire, it drizzled for few minutes, had delicious dinner back at the village. Later everyone got knackered due to exhaustive trek but I made a night trek to manaranjan fort along with my buddy. It was fun where we have seen few groups doing night trek at shrivardhan fort. Manaranjan is bigger in area than the adjacent fort. While sleeping in the tent I got used to different noises of insects, birds etc. The next day we had breakfast at the same hotel and descended to karjat side. It took 3 hours as its quiet steep at fewer places. Enroute to base there is kondane or kondana Buddhist caves. Felt awestruck seeing the abandoned heritage structure carved in the mountain, there are numerous pods in a single cave that seems to be used by monks then for meditation. After reaching base we chilled ourselves in ulhas river, everyone felt energized and relaxed.. Overall it's a memorable trek where we walked for more than 30km on this two day event. Tip: Lonavala to rajmachi is perfect ride for 4*4 vehicle lovers, dirt track biker's in monsoon. You may refer Google map i.e. highly accurate! "
  '5' out of 5
"Rajmachi Trek!! Rajmachi is a hilly area full of waterfalls, streams and lush greenery, situated in the state of Maharasthra, to the north-west of the famous hill station Lonavala. The area has a considerable height and overlooks the Bhor Ghat and Ulhas Valley. It is a popular destination, especially among trekkers, because the journey to Rajmachi through the Tungarli Lake from Lonavala has some beautiful scenery. The places of interest in Rajmachi include the Walwan village, a tranquil village at the base of the twin hills in Rajmachi. It’s at a distance of 10 km from Lonavala. The Udhewadi village, famous for its traditional Maharashtrian cuisine, is located on the plateau (at a height of 700 metres), at the base of the twin peaks.  The Shreevardhan and Manoranjan peaks are other attractions. The Shreevardhan Peak is the taller of the two, with a height of 130 m from the plateau. This peak can be climbed from the Udhewadi village in 30 minutes. The Manoranjan Peak, at a height of 80 m from the plateau, can also be reached from the Udhewadi village.  Manoranjan is famous for its strong walls and water tanks. There is a temple between these two peaks, often used as a refuge by trekkers climbing the peaks. The temple offers a view of the country side, as well as the ruins of many forts, water tanks and water falls. There are four ancient Buddhist caves at the base of the Twin peaks that are also visited by most people.  Getting to Rajmachi is easy. By air, the nearest airport is Mumbai from where taxis are available to Rajmachi. By rail, the closest station to Rajmachi is Lonavala station, which is well connected to Mumbai.  Monsoons (June to August) are considered the best time to visit Rajmachi as the entire area has waterfalls gliding through the rocks and plants and these lush surroundings cannot be experienced at any other time of the year. "
  '5' out of 5
"It's kind of steep trekking ...nd I luved it, at d top when we reached at d height...we can see most beautiful sceneric view of mountains nd greenry at its best, must go place for trekkers "

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