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Why travel Konark?

Konark is one of the most famous heritage sites of India. Konark means Kona Arka – “Sun at an angle”. The entire structure faces east. There are three series of gaps in between the ornate pillars of the natamandir. The temple is built such that only on the two equinox days (March 20/21, September 22/23) the rising sun’s rays pass through the center gap and fall on the deity in the temple.

"Here Comes The Sun"

A City in Odisha, India

Interest Measure for Konark

Ideal time to stay:  1 - 3 days

Best Interests at Konark

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How is the weather at Konark


Height(Altitude) of Konark from sea level:  23 feet
Latitude/Longitude:  19.8908000°N, 86.1003000°E
Ecosystem:  Plain  

Food, Culture and Language at Konark

Food Type Available:  Indian, South Indian 
Regional Language:  Hindi
Currency:  ₹ - Rupee (INR)
Tags:  #Monuments  

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4 Top Places to visit and Things to do in Konark

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Top Places to stay and Hotels in Konark

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