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Light house beach

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The southernmost beach in Kovalam got its name due to the old Vizhinjam Lighthouse located on a 35 meter high on top of the Kurumkal hillock. The lighthouse enjoys a height of 118 feet. The promenade, the quality of the restaurants and the beauty of the beach make it an ethereal combination

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Kerala, India
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Ticket / Cost / Expenses
Time people usually spend here:
4 hours
Latitude / Longitude:
8.4009230°N, 76.9788300°E
Distance from Kovalam to Light house beach
-- km
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Overall Rating:4.5

  '4' out of 5
"Worth visiting...the tides are lil high,good for surfing...you will always find it lil crowded,there are many sea food restaurant,beer wine outlets 😉, awesome scenic view, beware to not go much into the water,its dangerous..."
  '5' out of 5
"This is one of the many tourist attractions in Kerala. Locals call the entire area Kovalam beach, and this particular stretch of beach shaped like a crescent covering a small bay is known more affectionately as Lighthouse beach, probably because the lighthouse is located at the end of this stretch of shoreline. To get here from Trivandrum town, one can just take the local bus from around East Fort area, which will be the cheapest way here. Auto rickshaws generally charge Rs 400+ to bring you from town to here, as they know you are probably a tourist. Locals don't take an auto for such a long ride. And the Kovalam beach bus stop is just located on the other end of this beach. All within walking distance. This beach is relatively clean. The locals around the area would have realized that it would help bring more tourists and business here. Along the beach, you will find many shops and hotels. Mainly catering for visitors, selling souvenirs, clothes, food. Good food is easy to find and plentiful, but restaurants here are usually over priced, Generally targeting tourists. If one wants to get cheaper local fare, just walk into town through the main road, away from the beach. This beach is also dotted with many ayurvedic massage and treatment centers. So much so that they need to compete for your business, especially during the non-high season. So, generally, you can "bargain" if you find the price higher than usual, or just walk on, you can easily find another place down the road. Overall, what do you do here? Just relax. Wake up early in the morning, feel the fresh cool ocean air and just watch the local fishermen in the morning going out to sea and returning with their catch and sorting the fish on the beach. Such as rewarding experience. When the sun comes out, you can relax in one of the cafes or just sit under the umbrella chairs available along the beach (mostly chargeable), and then head on for some ayurvedic massage. Towards the afternoon, there will be plenty of peddlers approaching you on the beach trying to sell you thing and fruits and drinks. Just experience life. When the evening comes, you will enjoy the beautiful sunset and the horizon turns orange, and the light house comes on. The evening time is also when some of the locals head on out to the beach, and it's nice to see a crowd. At night, you can just stroll along the beach, listening to the beautiful sounds of waves crashing into the shore. A wonderful place to spend a few days."
  '5' out of 5
"Even though part of hawwa beach, now it is called light house beach due to the view point and newly provided access to the ligh house. Its of the calmest among all kovalam beach. But if you venture a little further ahead, you get surfable giant waves. Its a mix of all things good including the sidewalk, cafe, wide beach and more. Still remains as beautiful and facinating to a local like me since my first experiemce and the innumerable return to the same place. Gladly , compared other beaches in India with similar visitor churn, the community have managed to keep the beach as clean as possible "
  '5' out of 5
"One of the cleanest beaches u will find which is surprising given the popularity it enjoys among the locals and visitors alike. U can also see local fisherman in action just after sunset and early morning....i have uploaded a pic of one of the fisherman with his early morning expolits. The view from the lighthouse is amazing and one should not miss it any cost....just be there before 5pm which unfortunately I could not...enjoyable morning walk at the beach which i found deserted at around 4:30am...was fun listening to the uncorrupted sound of waves."
  '4' out of 5
"If u are coming here don't forget to take your camera ,cause the view is just awesome. And make sure to check the timing of the light house because climbing it is so much fun ,and the view at the top is awesome . Recently the beach has hosted international surfing competitions. So don't miss that fun."

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