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The tiny hamlet – Lambasingi – is one of the coolest places in South India. A land once anonymous and undiscovered, Lambasingi earned the sobriquet of “Andhra Kashmir,” with night temperatures often falling to sub-zero level. Of late, it became a popular tourist destination and an exotic summer retreat. Picturesque beauty, dense foliage, chilled weather and mist makes the places even more mysterious and amazing.
This is the only place in Southern India, where you can experience snowfall sometimes in winter. APTDC plans to open a state-run resort here and develop Lambasingi as a tourism hub. Lately, this place has seen an increase in the number of tourists.

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Lambasingi (or Lammasingi) is a small village in the Chintapalli Mandal of Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Laden with rich natural beauty, Lambasingi is located 1,000 metres above sea level in the hills of Eastern Ghats. This place is often referred as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. One of the unique features of the location is its cool temperature experienced even during summer. The temperatures in this places go as low as 0 °C in December – January. You can see sun only after 10 am on any given day and in winters only around 12 but again by 3pm this place will be blanketed by thick fog.

Wrapped in foggy climate, Lambasingi has also attracted many shutterbugs and nature lovers from the region. Lambasingi is a great place for a one day weekend hangout from Visakhapatnam.

Hot sizzling tea is must try when in Lambasingi along with some Idlis. Camping is the only stay(accommodation) available here. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation plans to open a state run resort here and develop Lambasingi as a tourism hub. 

Another name for this Lambasingi village is Korra Bayalu. Korra means ´stick´, Bayalu means ‘outside’, in the local language this means “if some one stays outside the house in the open they will freeze like a stick”.

The wind from the forest and the mountains blows from Chintapalli (another place close to Lambasangi) becomes stable at Tajangi valley because of dense trees and water resources. Fog has more humidity because of the abundant water resources and as the fog travels from chintapalli to Tajangi Valley and then to Lambasingi the temperatures in Lambasingi and Tajangi are almost same but in Chintapalli a bit warmer comparatively.

The local people are engaged in the pepper and coffee plantations. The cool wind which blows from the forests and valleys of Chintapalli area makes the Lambasingi Hillock cool and foggy. 

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