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Why travel Malé?

Malé (muh-lay) offers the best chance to see the ‘real’ Maldives away from the resort buffet and infinity pool. Overlooked by tall, brightly colored buildings and surrounded by incongruously turquoise water, Male is a hive of activity, the engine driving the Maldives’ economy and the forum for the country’s political struggles.

Malé is also pleasant and pleasingly quirky – alcohol-free bars and restaurants jostle with shops and lively markets and the general hubbub of a capital is very much present. This city island offers a chance to get a real feel for the Maldives and what makes its people tick and to meet Maldivians on an equal footing.

"King's Island"

A Island in Maldives

Interest Measure for Malé

Ideal time to stay:  2 - 4 days

Best Interests at Malé

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How is the weather at Malé


Height(Altitude) of Malé from sea level:  25 feet
Latitude/Longitude:  4.1753000°N, 73.5089000°E
Ecosystem:  Island  

Food, Culture and Language at Malé

Food Type Available:  Indian 
Regional Language:  Dhivehi
Currency:  ₨ - Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR)

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Popular routes to reach Malé and Flight prices

Nearest airport in Malé is Malé International Airport

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