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Scuba Diving in Malvan-An Experience Transcending The Reality

#Sports in Malvan

When it comes to water sports at Malvan how can we miss out Scuba? It leaves you spellbound how the chaos starts to fade away with the tranquillity of the deep blue water. Its like you are inside a kaleidoscope which has all the patterns of aquatic beauty within itself and you are a part of it. Get ready to be imbued with nothing but euphoria!

Scuba Diving in Malvan is available at Rs 1500 which is a little cheaper rate when compared to that at Goa and Andaman. Light on pockets and high on fun, why not? Scuba at Malvan is organised by highly experienced staff with well-equipped technology that will leave no limits to your exploration. Lose yourself in the beauty of the blue world accentuated with colourful creatures and be a part of it. Enjoy your time unleashing the mysteries underneath the serene blue waters.

Special in Scuba Diving in Malvan: You can ask them for recording a clip of your experience.

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Maharashtra, India
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1.5 hours

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