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Parasailing-See The Unseen!

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Malvan offers you a breathtaking experience of Parasailing. Ever wondered how would it be to look down from a bird's eye? Feel the adrenalin rushing through your veins and your heart racing when you are up there, soaring just above the blue waters. It is a completely different thing to have a view of the sea from a height. This enthralling experience is a must try!

At Malvan, the parasailing equipments are of best quality and safety is never an issue. The experienced staff and researched techniques used have eliminated the risk factors. This terrific experience is something not to be missed at Malvan. You can invest 2 hours and the returns for your time are promising. Fly high and find yourself transfixed between the two blue worlds with an enchanting view. Spread the canopy wings and fly like a bird.

Special in Parasailing: Ask them to slow down in the middle so that you can splash some water and take off again.

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Maharashtra, India
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2 hours

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