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Mysore Pak

The Divine Sweet

When in Karnataka, eat as Kannadigas. From idli wada to filter coffee, they have specialities in many food stuffs. Contributing largely to these specialities is the Mysore pak. This chewy sweet dish is made from simple ingredients ; flour, sugar and ghee. The delicacy is mouth-watering and you feel like feasting on it.

Behind this delectable pudding is a wonderful story. According to the tale, King Krishna Raja Wadiyar's royal cook whipped up this amazing dish for an auspicious occasion. When questioned what it was, Kakasura Madappa, the royal cook answered Mysore pak. This toothsome brainchild of Kakasura is now one of the best sweet dishes. You can get the best Mysore Pak from none other than the descendants of the great cook. They run a shop named Guru Sweet Mart on Sayyaji Road, undoubtedly selling the best Mysore Pak in the world.



Karnataka, India
Ideal to eat at  Breakfast , Dinner  

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