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Cycling in Nandi Hills

#Sports in Nandi Hills

For all you cycling enthusiasts out there, get ready and gear up to cycle across this historical place far away from being enslaved by the hands of the clock. Get out of the ‘vicious cycle’ of your city life and ‘cycle’ back to your thrilling childhood dream.Feel free once again as the breeze tickles you,taking you beyond all your worries. Have an amazing getaway making sparks fly through the mighty mountains and exquisite farms and woodlands. This picture perfect, matchless experience will leave you refreshed and gratified.

Nandi hills offers you an alluring and a slightly difficult terrain at the same time.Cycling across the beautiful but challenging trail is one of its kind experience. You can start by hiring the bikes available there, preferably the ‘gear’ ones as the uphill path doesn't go easy on you, but as they say, the captivating view from the top is worth all the effort. Start before sunrise and cycle through the magic hour of wake when the city slowly rises up while you start your adventure by going up those heroic mountains in the misty warm morning.

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Nandi Hills
Karnataka, India
Best time to visit Nandi Hills: 
Ticket / Cost / Expenses
Time people usually take to experience:
4 hours

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