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Nandi Hills Paragliding-The Bird View

#Paragliding in Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills Paragliding in Nandi Hills

Every adventure enthusiast aspire to fly in the air. They rush to the most exciting and safest adventure to have experience of being a bird, Paragliding. Nandi Hills has the Paragliding take-off spot at 4581 feet above sea-level.

The canopies of Nandi Hills gives you the enchanting view of the hills. Nandi Hills is best option for Paragliding near Bangalore. First time paragliders also have a prefect option of Tandem Paragliding. This exciting introduction to paragliding allows you to fly with an experienced pilot and enjoy every moment in the sky. Nandi Hills Paragliding Club is surely a perfect weekend getaway.

Special in Nandi Hills Paragliding: The capture view of the enchanting hills through gopro

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Nandi Hills
Karnataka, India
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2 hours

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