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wildlife (2), 
leisure (1), 
culture (1), 
romantic (1), 
spiritual (2), 
nature (1), 
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Why to travel Palakkad

Presenting a potpourri of Tamil and Kerala culture in the beautiful state of Kerala is the versatile city of Palakkad. Also known as Palghat, the city presents a vast expanse of rolling green plains and a mind blowing scenic beauty, and popularly known as the granary of Kerala. Palakkad in Malayalam translates to the verdant and beautiful stretch of forests with the sweet scented flowers of the Pala tree. It is the getaway to Kerala with amazing views of valleys, hills, forests and streams with forts, sanctuaries and parks to entertain tourists. The stunning sights of Palakkad amidst the lush green backdrop should not be missed by any ardent traveller.

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