Pallaviya Parshwanath Temple
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Pallaviya Parshwanath Temple

#Jain Temple in Palanpur

Pallaviya Parshwanath Jain temple is one of the main temples in Palanpur and is also popularly known as Motu Derasar. The Jain temple with its exquisite carvings and beautiful architecture helps to boost and enrich the cultural heritage of Palanpur. Motu Derasar was built by King Prahladan and is a temple of Lord Parshwanath.

The other attraction about this Jain temple is that it has the last existing image of Palanpur’s King Prahladan. The temple faced several attacks during the course of history since it was one of the richest temples at that time and was damaged by attackers but was rebuilt after every such attack.

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Gujarat, India
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