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Why travel Phnom Penh?

Despite being a bit rough on the edges, Phnom Penh retains its former charm as a leafy South East Asian capital with a nice riverside promenade and numerous beautiful Cambodian Buddhist wats, palaces, and other artifacts.

The city offers extensive cultural and historical attractions, including temples, museums, the Royal Palace and also has accommodation from simple guesthouses to five-star hotels. Phnom Penh also features good dining facilities as well as a vibrant and varied nightlife.

"City Of Four Faces"

A City in Cambodia

Interest Measure for Phnom Penh

Ideal time to stay:  2 - 4 days

Best Interests at Phnom Penh

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How is the weather at Phnom Penh


Height(Altitude) of Phnom Penh from sea level:  46 feet
Latitude/Longitude:  11.5719692°N, 104.8909920°E
Ecosystem:  Plain , River  

Food, Culture and Language at Phnom Penh

Food Type Available:  Indian 
Regional Language:  Khmer
Currency:  ៛ - Cambodian Riel (KHR)

Know the best time to visit Phnom Penh

Popular routes to reach Phnom Penh and Flight prices

Nearest airport in Phnom Penh is Phnom Penh International Airport

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