Silver Pagoda, Phnom Penh
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Silver Pagoda, Phnom Penh

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The Silver Pagoda is located on the south side of the Royal Palace, Phnom Penh. Formerly, it was known as Wat Ubosoth Ratanaram. The temple's official name is Preah Vihear Preah Keo Morakot which is commonly shortened to Wat Preah Keo in Khmer. The staircase leading to the Silver Pagoda is made of Italian marble.

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Phnom Penh
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Time people usually spend here:
2 hours
Latitude / Longitude:
11.5624885°N, 104.9294704°E
Distance from Phnom Penh city center to Silver Pagoda, Phnom Penh
-- km
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Overall Rating:4.4

  '5' out of 5
"This is one of the greatest site that tourists shouldn't be missed when entering Royal Palace. Unlike ordinary pagoda, this ancient Buddhist temple comprises of many valuable Khmer national treasures such as gold Buddha statue, priceless Emerald Buddha statue etc. The floor is made using about 8 tons of silver tiles and some of the statue even consists of thousands of diamonds. Tourist must take off the shoes when entering the temple."
  '5' out of 5
"The Silver Pagoda is one of the iconic building (inside Royal Palace) of Phnom Penh. A place not to miss when you visit Phnom Penh."
  '4' out of 5
"Beautiful rooves and buildings. The displays are so chill. It's weird to see everything out in the open like that. "
  '5' out of 5
"Known as Silver Pagoda, this pagoda consists silver tiles and the valuable emerald Buddha which was sat in the center of the building. Another noticeable in this pagoda is the life size gold Buddha."
  '5' out of 5
"Preark kdam "

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