Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary
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Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary-Into the Wild!

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary of Rajkot is one of the Reserved Forests of India. It is bloomed with flora and fauna which makes it a beautiful place amidst nature. It serves as a home to mammoth antelopes which are vivacious creatures with a slender body covered with fur. People flock here just for a sight of these gorgeous beauties taking leaps around the terrains.

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary of Gujarat is full of animals like wolf, hyena, fox and a lot more along with around 130 species of birds. You will find yourself between various creations of God roaming flawlessly and freely in the woods studded with small hillocks. The rich green cover at this place adds up to its beauty and its ambiance. You can invest around four hours here and it will surely be worth your time. A little time away from the hustle of the city and in a world of wild and free is a must.

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Gujarat, India
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4 hours

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