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Ramtek Dam Reservoir

#Dam in Ramtek

Ramtek Dam is an earth fill type of a dam that is impounded on Sur River near Ramtek of the Nagpur district. This Ramtek Dam is majorly used for irrigation purposes but over the period of time it has become the picnic spot as of Dam as the attractive spot of the crowd around and people giving visit to Ramtek temple also make out time to explore Ramtek Dam.

The height of the Ramtek dam above lowest foundation is 22.2 m that is 73 feet’s while the length is 229 m that is 751 feet’s. The volume content is 1,300 km cube that is 310 cu mi and gross storage capacity is 105,130.00 km cube that is 25,222.03 cu mi. The spillway of Ramtek Dam is un-gated. Now a days almost all the water bodies make for good picnic spots so does the Ramtek Dam attract the tourists visiting Ramtek. And thus tourists enjoy the nature around and its scenic beauty.

How is the weather at Ramtek Dam Reservoir

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Maharashtra, India
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Ticket / Cost / Expenses
Time people usually spend here:
2 hours
Latitude / Longitude:
21.3811050°N, 79.3780952°E
Distance from Ramtek city center to Ramtek Dam Reservoir
-- km
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