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Ashoka Pillar-The Symbol of Victory

The crown of the Ashoka Pillar is an asset to the Indians, because it bears the statue of Four Lions that are aced back to back which is now National Emblem of India.
The shaft of the Asokan Pillar is clearly visible from a distance but the crown has been kept in the Museum. It however does not hold the Dhammachakra, or the Wheel of Law, but it is worthwhile to mention that the Ashoka Pillar has great resemblance to the Pillar at Sarnath. The Ashoka Pillar emblematizes majesty and elegance, power and order.

Special in Ashoka Pillar: Admire the Greco Buddhist style of Architecture

How is the weather at Ashoka Pillar

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Madhya Pradesh, India
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1 hours
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23.4794000°N, 77.7396000°E
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