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Ashoka Pillar-The Symbol of Victory

The Greco Buddhist style of Architecture is reflected in the Ashoka Pillar at Sanchi. The most surprising nature of the Ashoka Pillar is that it is exceptionally proportional. The basic adjust of the Ashoka Pillar is extremely commendable. It looks to some extent like the column at Sarnath. It is complicatedly cut however the lions of this Ashoka Pillar in Sanchi don't bolster the wheel of law or Dharmachakra. The clean of the Ashoka Pillar is splendid and sparkles right up 'til the present time.

The national emblem of India and a mark of Emperor Ashoka's visit to Sarnath, this 50 m tall pillar crafted out of a stone is an impressive structure. It consists of four lions on the top, back to back in a standing position along with the Ashoka Chakra at the bottom. Also, a bull, a lion, an elephant and a horse are depicted on the base of this structure which symbolize the four different phases of Gautam Buddha's life.

Special in Ashoka Pillar: Admire the Greco Buddhist style of Architecture

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Madhya Pradesh, India
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1 hours
Latitude / Longitude:
23.4794000°N, 77.7396000°E
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-- km
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