Purna Wildlife Sanctuary
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Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

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Purna Wildlife Sanctuary in Saputara

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is located in South Gujarat between Vyara, Tapi District and Ahwa, Dang District, Gujarat, India. It was declared a sanctuary in July 1990. It derives its name from the Purna River, which flows through it.

The sanctuary has thick forest cover of teak and bamboo. It has a tropical climate with moderate to heavy rainfall. The average rainfall received by this region is about 2500mm.

How is the weather at Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

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Gujarat, India
Ticket / Cost / Expenses:
Time people usually spend here:
4 hours
Latitude / Longitude:
20.9179366°N, 73.7005720°E
Distance from Saputara to Purna Wildlife Sanctuary
-- km
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"khusbu gujrat ki "
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"How to get permission for the entrance?? please someone suggest..!! I want to go there.."
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"Most amazing place... Should know where to go when"
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"Too good"
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"Too much yaar"

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