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The Kalka-Shimla Toy train

The Kalka-Shimla Toy train is a narrow gauge train that runs from Kalka to Shimla at a stretch of 90kms climbing more than 4800fts. On its routes, it crosses 103 tunnels, 800 bridges, and 900 curves. There are around 20 stations dotted along the route. The train runs through steep mountains, so it goes at the very slow pace which gives plenty of time for boarders to enjoy the beauty of the nature passing by.

The train slowly moves way upward from Kalka to Shimla, through mountains, waterfalls, tunnels and pine forests, passing by the jungles wild flowers and astonishing bridges. This scene is breathtaking. There are regular trains that run from Kalka to Shimla with a different time schedule, you can check out the timings from Indian Railways website and enjoy your journey. Once you are there you will feel like a king and a queen with a little kingdom to possess. One can enjoy the cool weather, the warm hospitality, the fresh breeze; the sun kissed hills, pine, and oak and deodar trees and probably feels envy of the locals.

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Himachal Pradesh, India
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4 hours

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