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Gadsar Lake

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The Gadsar Lake, situated 28 km from Sonamarg, is located at one of the most highest altitudes in Kashmir (5000 metres). It is a freshwater lake. The name 'Gadsar' when translated into Kashmiri literally means 'The Lake of the Fishes.' True to its name, this lake contains many fishes, most of them being trout.

The Gadsar Lake is known for its trekking base, which can be reached while hiking up through the Alpine terrain. Due to the high quantity of fishes in this lake, fishing is another leisure activity enjoyed here. The Brown Trout is the most common fish caught here. The water body is surrounded by wild Alpine flowers, making the view mesmerizing. The lake is unaccessible in winter as it completely freezes over. Even during summers, small icebergs can be floating in the water. The Gadsar Lake is a must visit destination as one can experience nature in its primal form here.

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Jammu & Kashmir, India
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Ticket / Cost / Expenses
Time people usually spend here:
1.5 hours
Altitude / Height:
8743 feet
Latitude / Longitude:
34.4219385°N, 75.0560081°E
Distance from Sonamarg to Gadsar Lake
-- km
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