"India's First Eco-Tourism Town"

A Town in Kerala, India

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Ideal time to stay:  1 - 3 days

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Height(Altitude) of Thenmala from sea level:  270 feet
Latitude/Longitude:  8.9607796°N, 77.0639954°E
Ecosystem:  Plain , Hill  

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Food Availability:  Indian, South Indian 
Regional Language:  Malayalam
Currency:  ₹ - Rupee (INR)

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Why travel Thenmala?

It is India's first planned ecotourism destination, which is gaining popularity due to its unique vistas, biodiversity and functioning. The Thenmala Eco-Tourism shares its resources with the famous Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary at the foothills of the Western Ghats.

Thenmala attracts foreign and domestic tourists with a host of attractions. Boating on the lake, a rope bridge, trekking, mountaineering, biking and a musical fountain. Thenmala is approachable both from Trivandrum and Punalur by road. The waterfall called Palaruvi is a prime attraction nearby. Also nearby is a deer rehabilitation center where visitors can see deer in a forest setting and have a peep into a traditional tree house used by forest dwellers to escape harm from wild animals.

Thenmala is also famous for being the shooting location in Malayalam and Tamil movies.
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8 Places to visit and Things to do in Thenmala

Adventure Zone at Thenmala

Adventure Zone

Thenmala is the hub spot for eco-tourism and adventure. The adventure zone here is favored for adventure tourism. The attractions in this area are the Elevated Walkway, The Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, River Crossing, Nature Trails, Resting Spots, Lotus Pond, etc. The nature trail winding through various areas of the zone attracts a large number of nature lovers and photographers. It is advisable not to consider this place as some other hill station. You must follow the guidelines
Expenses - ₹50
Time needed - 4 hours
Trekking at Thenmala Ecotourism at Thenmala

Trekking at Thenmala Ecotourism

Trekking is an excellent activity for all those who have their spirits for exploration intact. One to three-day guided trekking tours, available in this hilly terrain, are sure to leave the trekkers spellbound. There is a bird watching trail in Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary which caters to the enthusiasm of bird lovers. Travelers can participate in the soft treks organized by Thenmala National Adventure Foundation as part of the Ecotourism Project. Different trekking programs with different durations are available for travelers to choose from. A short trek of 4 km to the Myristica Swamp Forest is both awe-inspiring and educative. Minimum 5 Trekker or on equivalent payment of Rs.500.
Expenses - ₹100
Time needed - 2 hours
Palaruvi Waterfall at Thenmala

Palaruvi Waterfall

Palaruvi waterfall is one of the most scenic and prominent falls in Kerala along with the likes of Athirapally, Thusharagiri and Meenmutty. Palaruvi falls is encircled by forests, Kallada River and several minor waterfalls. Palaruvi, a 300 ft drop, is regarded as one of the tallest falls in Kerala. Heavy downpour forms a visual treat of milky white and hence named stream of milk. The pool formed beneath is perfectly suited for swimming and splashing. Palaruvi waterfall is a popular picnic spot. Protected by guards and served by lifeguards, it is regarded safe and family friendly.
Expenses - ₹20
Time needed - 2 hours
Butterfly Safari Park at Thenmala

Butterfly Safari Park

An abode of the butterflies in an open ambience. A garden of host plants for the butterfly has been created enabling the large number of butterfly species of the region to thrive. A guided walk (Safari) along the nature trail of the garden will provide the visitor an opportunity to sight the butterflies and to learn about the butterflies. Kaleidoscope of butterflies is the main attraction to see.
Expenses - ₹50
Time needed - 1 hours
Leisure Park at Thenmala

Leisure Park

#Theme park
This zone is a forest garden. The pathways of the forest garden takes the visitor to the sculpture garden. A walk through the river side walkway and the suspension bridge adds to the experience. The theme of the Garden is MAN AND NATURE. It endeavors to depict the relationship of MAN and his culture with NATURE, in the serene backdrop of a green forest - i.e. unpolluted nature - synchronizing with the Thenmala Forests. Interesting circulation pathways around the sculptures and the integration of the natural features in zone gives the sculpture garden it's own exclusivity.
Expenses - ₹50
Time needed - 2 hours
Thenmala Dam at Thenmala

Thenmala Dam

The Thenmala dam is the second largest irrigation project in Kerala, India. It impounds the longest reservoir in the state and water from the reservoir is also used for power generation. It is now a centre of attraction at Thenmala and an ecotourism destination, with boating available on the reservoir, which is bordered on both sides by the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary.
Expenses - NA
Time needed - 2 hours

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