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Tosa Maidan-History Binds You Here

#Valley in Yousmarg

A serene meadow located in Yousmarg, Tosa Maidan is not only famous as a lush green pasture but for its historical importance as well. Bounded by dense forests, the beautiful ground of Tosa Maidan is situated about 10km from Khag in the mountains of the Himalayan range. This destination brings forth a wonderful amalgamation of nature with history.

You’ll reach the attractive grazing land of Tosa Maidan after crossing the upper mountain reaches of Drang, Zakhor and other small villages. It is believed that the huge pastures located here are the ones which the shepherds from the neighboring countries used to visit in the ancient times. Another piece of history related to this place, which is quite fascinating, is that the land was given to the army in the year 1964 to set-up an artillery firing range for a period of 50 years, until 2014.

Special in Tosa Maidan: Perfect place for camping at base called Dum Dum and moving around on foot or a horse.

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Jammu & Kashmir, India
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