Itinerary from Mumbai to Karjat for 1 day

Day 1 of the Itinerary

Mumbai (The City of Dreams)Karjat (River In The Middle Of Nature)

Travel Time:1.72 hrs
Stay time:6.5 hrs
  • Bhivpuri Waterfall

    Bhivpuri waterfall is an ideal place to visit during the monsoon for all those who desire to spend a day with nature and do not wish to travel too far from Mumbai. The waterfall is around 20 feet high and is active only during the monsoon from June to mid-September. July and August are the best months to visit the waterfall, since the water drops down with all its might. Bhivpuri waterfall is generally bustling with people over the weekends with people of all ages coming to spend a day, chilling in the water.

    Time to spend:
    3 hrs
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  • Trek To Kothaligad Fort

    The Kothaligad fort near Karjat is one of the most famous places while trekking near Mumbai due to its ease in climbing. The fort has a conical shape and has a temple and cave at its foothill, If you seek adventure with glimpse of history, Kothaligad (Peth) fort is a must add to your wish list. Also known as Fort of Peth and got its name from the basecamp, Peth village The Kothaligad fort situated at a height of 3100 feet makes it an awesome location for trekking. Its small height makes it easy for beginners who can get their risk free experience at trekking. This trek will surely rejuvenate you as the ascent to the top is surrounded by astonishing, breath taking views and cool, chilling breeze. On reaching the top you will get magnificent view of Bhimashankar, Konkan field, the ghats and the Matheran range. The best time to visit Kothaligad fort is after the monsoon season. Food and accommodation are easily available at the Peth village.

    6 hrs
  • White Water Rafting in Ulhas River

    If you are in search of peace, adventure and thrill, Ulhas valley which lies on the Karjat-Khandala trail is the ideal destination. The Ulhas valley is one of the best places to visit in Karjat as it offers mesmerizing views and thrilling experiences for adventure seekers. The cascading waterfalls which gushes through this valley makes it a perfect location for indulging in adventure sports activities. The river Ulhas urges tourists to brave the dangers and face challenges by getting a first-hand experience of white water rafting. It offers an 8km trail where you get to face the rough waters and get through by extensive paddling and perfect navigation. These high-speed rapids and surfs is bound to give you a sense of triumph over the roaring river. Depending on your comfort zone you can choose the easy, medium or difficult levels but make sure to be completely fit before taking the risk. So, get the adrenaline rush through your veins and enjoy this spine chilling adventure by tackling the gushing waters of the river Ulhas.

    3 hrs
  • Bekare Waterfall Rappelling in Bhivpuri

    Bhivpuri, located at a distance of 65 km from Mumbai draws in a lot of visitors who are enthralled by the spectacular sight of its waterfalls. The Bekare waterfall in Karjat is a popular picnic spot, however, for people seeking thrill and adventure it serves as an adventure sport location during the monsoon season. Gear up and embark on this adventurous quest of waterfall rappelling here at Bhivpuri. Waterfall rappelling is much more challenging as you have to confront the cascading waters as well as the slippery rocks where you can easily lose your footing. But, despite these challenges, the slips, skids and falls is what makes this experience all the more fun and exciting. However, make sure not to venture too deep and follow the instructions of the guide lest the adventure turn into a disaster. While rappelling down, ensure a firm hold on the ropes and step on the shallow waters to prevent accidents.

    3 hrs
  • Trek To Dhak Bahiri Caves, Karjat

    The Dhak Bahiri caves located at a height of 2700 feet lies in the base village of Sandshi of Raigad. Situated at a distance of 90km from Pune, these religious caves have been named after God Bahiri and utensils for cooking food have been kept inside the cave. It is believed that no one should steal the utensils lest he/she incur the wrath of God. The Dhak Bahiri trek route is one of the most challenging routes in the Karjat region as you have to tackle the dense vegetation and steep rocks to reach the top. This thrilling trek will take you through narrow ridges and forested trails where you will come across two caves. However, you must keep in mind that no matter how adventurous this trek may seem, it is not very easy and you must ascend carefully using ropes and cautious steps. After accomplishing this difficult feat, you will get a glance of the magnificent beauty of the peaks of Sahyadri. The best time to visit this place is end of the monsoon season.

    42 hrs
  • Kondane Caves

    The Kondane caves situated at a distance of 15km from Karjat station is one of the best places to visit in Karjat. These ancient rock cut Buddhist caves comprises of 16 caves which date back to the 1 st century BC and thus attracts many historians and tourists alike. It is believed that these caves were used by Buddhist monks for shelter. If you visit these caves, you will be enthralled by the sight of sculptures and inscriptions on the cave walls which exhibit Buddhist type of architecture. The caves are abode to Buddhist specimens such as vihara, stupas and chaitya. To reach these caves you have to trek from the Rajmachi village which adds to the excitement. The best time to visit the caves is during June to December when the climate remains cool and you can also get to witness waterfalls originating above the caves which is spectacular. It would however be advisable to carry your own food and water since it is not easily available.

    2 hrs
  • Kothaligad Fort

    If you are visiting Karjat, the Kothaligad fort is a place you cannot forget to visit. Located at a height of 3100 feet, this fort is conical in shape and has a cave and temple at its base. There is an interesting history behind the name of the fort. It is called “Kothaligad” since the shape of the fort resembles that of the kothala (intestine) removed from the stomach. To reach Kothaligad, you have to perform a simple trek from the Peth village located at its base. The ascent is less torturous due to its small height and easy climbing. On reaching the summit you will get a magnificent view of the Konkan Field, the Ghats, Paddar killa, Wandre Khind pass and the entire Matheran range. The best time to visit this fort is after the monsoon when there is no visibility issue and you can see waterfalls cascading down the lush green Sahyadri ranges. This place is also famous for its night trek.

    3 hrs
  • Ulhas River

    The Ulhas valley in Karjat can be easily accessed from station Thakurwadi which is at a distance of 112 km from Mumbai. This journey into the realms of peace and beauty will take you to a mesmerizing place filled with panoramic views and cascading waterfalls. The Ulhas river originates from the north valley of the Rajmachi hills and is formed from mountain streams attaining a total length of 112km. The Ulhas river attracts tourists and adventurers since it is famous for its water sporting activities. If you are seeking thrill and adventure, then this is the perfect opportunity to take the oars in your hand and tackle the gushing waters of the river Ulhas. You can participate in river rafting or bring your family for a picnic on its banks. This pristine environment will make you reconnect and fall in love with nature instantly.

    1.5 hrs
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