Nalhotha - Village of Stories

2752 meters

About Nalhotha

The offbeat and unexplored village hidden in the beautiful valley of Barot. It is situated near the Uhl river and close to the Travel d'globe campsite.

The local villagers are really friendly, talk to them about the culture, listen to the stories of Rajgundha forests and bears coming around. The views of the valley are clear and spectacular, do not miss out the sunset view from here. You will get a stay at the Travel d'globe campsite for a warm and comfortable stay in the chilly weather of the valley.

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Things to know about Nalhotha

Stay Guide for Nalhotha

Best water option available: Tap
Best eating option available: Basic Meal
Best option to stay: Camp


Height(Altitude) of Nalhotha from sea level:  9029 feet
Latitude/Longitude:  32.0973138°N, 76.7859627°E

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