How to travel from Dhankar to Kangra 

(Kangra to Dhankar)

Route planner to travel from Dhankar to Kangra with Car

Distance on road: 467 kms
Travel Time: 11 hours


Road - Car


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Take the roadtrip for Kangra while driving from Dhankar, enjoy this time with your friends, family or drive solo. You can drive on a car, a bike or hire a taxi to travel on the roads to Kangra

The shortest distance between Dhankar and Kangra is 467 kms(292 miles), you will need around 11 hours to travel Kangra by Road. Driving directions to travel to Kangra, for the roadtrip to Kangra from Dhankar is provided with the map.

Map from Dhankar to Kangra

Kangra is known as The Valley of Heritage and ideal time to stay there is 0 - 2 days. Find out the 0 places to visit in Kangra, and what to do there.

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You may choose to hire a cab to Kangra from Dhankar, railway station or airport. You can book a taxi/cabs like Indica, Micra, Indigo, Dzire, Etios, Innova, AC Tempo Traveller from Dhankar and luxury cars for your weekend getaway, holiday destination, honeymoon, family outing, pilgrimage etc.

You can check the taxi fare and estimated cab cost for Dhankar to Kangra trip.

For the round trip (Kangra to Dhankar) Kangra to Dhankar taxi services we again will be happy to serve you.

Places to visit and 
things to do in Kangra (Click the tile to open)

The points of interest in Kangra are listed here with the expected expenses/tickets/cost and time you will need to spend or experience the activity in Kangra. To help you plan the trip, all the famous tourist hot spot of Kangra are listed here.

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