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Before planning a trip to Dubai, you should get information on what is the Dubai visa age limit. Imagine you plan out a whole trip, and because of a few technicalities, you couldn’t get a visa. Therefore, it is better to know all the rules, regulations and limitations involved in regards to a Dubai visa. Only then can you plan an awesome trip to Dubai and have the time of your life in one of the greatest cities on Earth.   

Dubai Tourist Visa Age Limit

The actual Dubai tourist visa age limit is 21 years. You have to be a 21 year old to be able to come to Dubai on your own. However, if you are a student above the age of 18, you will need photo IDs of your parents and a NOC (No Objection Certificate). Then you can travel to Dubai without any problem. Rule is also applicable to lone female travelers. They will have to have a NOC from their parents or if they are married, they’ll need and NOC from their husband. However, there is no such age limit for Dubai visa for males.


This is another secure and sure-fire way to get a visa to travel to Dubai. If you have family members that are residing in U.A.E., they can send you an official invitation letter inviting you to visit them in the country. This is an excellent way to get a visa. The official letter has to be attached with your other visa documents. If the authorities can verify your relatives as residents, then you will have no problem getting your visa. There’s one more condition though, the relative residing there should be an immediate relative. You cannot get invitations from distant relatives.


In the case of a couple being newlywed, the wife may still have a maiden name on her passport, which could pose an issue. In this case, they can submit their marriage license, NOCs from both sides of the parents, their marriage invitation card, a picture from their marriage, and all the other mandatory documents needed for the visa. This will ensure they get their visa and have a great honeymoon in their dream destination, Dubai.   

Sound Finance

One of the most important Dubai tourist visa requirements is being financially sound. You need to submit a few forms, and your income tax returns for the last 2 years. You also need to have a surplus amount of money in your bank according to the requirements set by UAE for your country. If you have investments of high value in Fixed Deposits, they are also quite useful in getting visa for Dubai   


Documents Required for Dubai Visa

  • ·         Visa application form correctly filled out, without any unnecessary corrections, or mistakes, along with two colour photographs.
  • ·         Two coloured photographs with your face fully visible, including your ears. This photograph needs to be taken against a white backdrop. Also, you should not be smiling in this photograph.
  • ·         Photocopies of passport with original passport for verification. The photocopies should be of the front two and back two pages of the passport. And the passport should be valid up to six months from the date of your travel. This is a strict requirement.
  • ·         Photocopies of your going and return tickets to and from Dubai. This is a way they verify that you are actually going to return on a particular date.
  • ·         If you are going on a holiday through a touring company, you can also furnish a copy of your itinerary. This also tilts the balance in your favour if you are looking to get a visa.
  • ·         And if you are invited by family, you have to submit the letter of invitation along with the details of your relative, so the government can verify and process the visa.
  • ·         Age limit for Dubai visa for females and students travelling alone is 18. They need to have a No Objection Certificate from parents or husband.
  • ·         People who have travelled to European countries, Schengen countries, U.S.A., and U.K. also are more likely to get a hassle-free visa for Dubai. So, if you have been to these countries, you will get a visa

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Each year, the city sees tourists in the number of millions, and this number keeps getting higher steadily, especially during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Therefore, if you meet the above requirements, strictly follow their rules and regulation, you are guaranteed to get a visa and have a great time. Also, if you are looking to get a business visa, the above mentioned data will be useful. However, if you want a guiding hand through the process, you can hire the services of professional visa companies that actually help people get visas to Dubai. They are great way to get an assured visa.            

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