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Musamman Burj

#Monument in Agra

Musamman Burj or the Octagonal Tower is accepted to have been worked by Shah Jehan as the royal residence of his adored ruler Mumtaz Mahal and it was here that he spent his last days since his child Aurungzeb detained him till his demise alongside his most loved little girl Jahanara Begum. The arch delegated it has plated copper at the top while the ground surface on the lower story has been cleared with marble to take after the board for playing pachchisi.

Hence, it is otherwise called the Pachchisi Court.The most prominent attributes of this tower is an anticipating jharokha on its easternmost side, a rich marble screen on the riverfront side, the vertical columns and the level chhajja bolstered on excellent sections. The most elaborate working of the whole post is the little structure known as Shah Burj arranged close to this tower. The highlights of this structure are an adapted lotus tank with a wellspring in the middle, which is garishly cut and decorated with semi-valuable stones.

How is the weather at Musamman Burj

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